Foods linked to better brainpower

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In my quest for the best foods to boost my brain, I decided to compile a list of some foods that can help improve memory and focus. There are many foods that have been linked to better brain health and I will be talking about them in this post. The ones on the list are not only high-quality foods but nutritious as well.

The reason why I went with these kinds of foods is because they are linked to good brain health, focus and attention, which are all important skills in life. So I thought it would be interesting to include these foods in my future blog posts. Let’s get started!

Lemon – It has been shown that lemons can aid in improving your memory and focus by making you remember things more easily. They can also lead to improved blood flow to the brain, so it keeps the oxygen level normal in the brain cells. You can eat lemon water or tea with lemon peel and/or lemon slices and lemonades. This is very helpful if you are trying to learn something new.

Egg yolks -When eaten regularly egg yolk supplements can boost your brain health, they contain essential amino acids like lecithin (an amino acid that improves neurogenesis) which can be used to improve brain function especially when you suffer from poor sleep and stress.

It may also be able to alleviate depression or anxiety and the effects it provides may be very positive even a bit during pregnancy. Plus eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner are one of my favorites. Another perk I find worth mentioning here are egg and cheese sandwiches!

Green coffee -While green coffee doesn’t have any specific nutrients, it contains caffeine which plays an integral role in helping people stay alert all day long. Not only does green coffee boost your mood but it can also protect against obesity and heart disease. Green tea is another addition that might have you feeling less stressed or anxious. Just add a little honey, lemon juice and some green leaf teas (or decaf green tea) to your daily drink and you are good to go.

Spinach -Cauliflower has an abundance of vitamin E. Vitamin E is known to help prevent cognitive decline and promote healthy aging. Cauliflower contains a large amount of beta carotene, which is an antioxidant that boosts brain function. A study with over ten thousand participants found that spinach consumption may reduce your risk of dying early by 25 percent.

If you want to enjoy spinach but don’t feel like cooking it, just chop up half a stick and go from there. There are tons of ways to incorporate this vegetable into your everyday meals; try tossing spinach leaves into oatmeal or yogurt cereal or toss them into pasta sauce. Make sure to soak spinach overnight if you’re going to use it for a salad because it’s a strong acid that could damage lettuce.

Coconut milk -Coconut milk is rich in nutrients like calcium and magnesium. These nutrients are necessary for proper functioning as well as overall brain health. Coconut milk contains protein, along with antioxidants that are crucial for healthy brain function. One cup of coconut milk contains between 400-700 calories and 14 grams of fat. That’s enough to boost fat oxidation and preserve brain health.

Nuts and seeds -Many studies have proved that nuts and seeds can help reduce inflammation and may also enhance memory. Nuts and seeds provide all nine essential macronutrients, and each nut contains between 12-13 grams of fiber. Some studies have even been able to establish the connection between increased fiber intake and reduced cholesterol levels. Also, keep in mind that nuts and seeds can be added to a variety of products for both protein content and taste. Add these into smoothies, shakes, soups and other dishes; they make a great snack option!

A bunch of berries -Baked berries are some of my favorite! Blueberries are considered superfoods due to their bright and sweet taste and can act as powerful brain boosters. Baked berries taste amazing and they’re a really fun way to enjoy a warm fall day or a hot summers day! Fresh berry juices are delicious and don’t make me bloated because the natural sugars in them have been removed. I recommend using frozen blueberries when fresh and then thawing them out before serving them. Frozen blueberries are also good for baking! I can never tell how much the smell of fresh baked berries make my apartment!

Coffee -Coffee has been used to help relieve depression for centuries. Studies have even showed that drinking coffee can help reduce stress. Coffee acts as a stimulant in your brain which can improve energy, mood, focus and alertness just to name a few effects. It can also boost memory, concentration, sleep, memory and concentration, too.

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